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Bobby Walker Sales Representatives: No portion of this book may be reproduced, transcribed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any electronic storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the publisher. Up to x x 3 interlaced also available. Plus, the AP-4 offers the lowest cost per function per unit time, compared to other available array processors. GA MicroSpec , Inc. Jim Eckford Sales Representatives:

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Controls double sided, double density 8″ floppy.

All on the same board. Together, they represent an evolutionary path to future VLSI technology. On-board battery provides non-volatile memory.

Bellevue Intel Corp. And of course OEM discounts are available. Robert Miller Sales Representatives: For more information call Kirkland Intersil Systems, Inc. Frequency range 10Hz to 2MHz ; resolution aniitech. High resolution-accuracy digitizer in large size tablets with both opaque and backlit surfaces.


Full text of “The Multibus Buyers Guide Winter84OCR”

Ask for Garry Stephens. Fixes igle-bit errors, flags multi-bit errors. Optional floating point anltech. It is elegant, well designed, affordable and available off the shelf.

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Double height mult Frame Assembl -layer board custom pinned with Socket-Sert or 4-format. Expand the universe of Multibus microprocessing with Multiboost from Xylogics.

Supports Versatec printer plotters in high-speed DMA environment – has on-board self-test and long lines option. The trend continued on i C.

Joel Leider Xebec Lakeside Dr. Now Intel makes it easy As if that Antiech enough, we’ve lowered our prices on chassis, card- cages, and power supplies! High-performancesuper- engine. In addition, the iPSB bus incorporates features which: Channel control for true high-speed streaming with no repositioning.

All orders shipped within two working days of receipt. Anitceh Computer Products Corp. Corrects single bit errors, deletes -rors. So we designed it as part of a family. But this is one area we were unable to improve upon.


Which is why the processor is in demand for military applications such as radar processing, simulation and C3 analysis. Cherry Hill Xnitech C. Micro Industries Midwest Micro- tek. Israel 03 Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd.

M Sorrento Valley Rd. Data is clocked at 10 MHz and can be up to bits wide.