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Will this disk get stuck in the slot? I tried several types of batteries ment for digital cameras, even tried some regular old duracell AA’s and no luck. If your VCR display is still flashing For the saem amount of money you can get an awesome camera on Ebay.. This is the 4. As far as the comments people made which refer that consumers shouldn’t buy a no name or research before they buy a product, well most of us have jobs in the real world. Jessie Wed, 05 Nov

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To ALL of you. I bought a 2. I need an owners manual for a didital concepts 3. Laura Thu, 27 Dec As far as the data at the end, I wonder what it looks like under a disassembler.

Warranty & Support

For the same price you can get a next to new ELPH or better for your little one. This is all okay except for in the example file I used there are 8 extra padding bytes before the 0xffd9 and a bunch of extra garbage after the digjtal.

Can you make the webcam so that it’s like you are sitting with them so i can see the other person? Ben Wed, 29 Aug I’m taking this POS to walmart first concwpts in the morning!

I purchased this a short time ago not from Amazon, otherwise I could have used these helpful reviews and I’m so sorry I did. My SD card works fine Changed batteries around five times and it still won’t turn on, but if I plug it into the computer like I’m about to upload pics, it’ll turn on then but not allow me to do anything.


I’m not sure how the photos are going to look on my comp yet.

SOLVED: I have a Digital Concepts MP Digital Camera an – Fixya

Otherwise, I’ll probably be disposing of this cam, because I lost the receipt for it, and therefore I can’t take it back to the store.

Same story as above I am also sure that these people who have posted in a negative manner wasn’t doing it just to bitch, they were doing it as a way to warn others like yourself not to get scammed – definitely not to put thereselves out there to be bludgeoned by your hateful and sarcastic remarks.

I am getting my money back clncepts way or the other! Dec 29, Cameras. How in the world do you get the flash to work??? We can take photos, but can’t get the software to work with our Windows XP system.

Its fine, But in low light situations, it does suck! This is worse than my cell phone camera–probably the worst camera you can buy.

Why is the screen so dark?

I have a Digital Concepts 3.1 MP Digital Camera and lost my owner’s manual

One comment gives a clue on the ‘the computer doesn’t see the camera’ problem. Zoesgarden Fri, 22 Jun Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: I don’t know how this company can get away with ripping people off like this. I will be sure to post another comment as soon as I use it to let you all know how good is is in my opinion.


The BBB will contact the company and attempt for a resolve of your issue.

It’s a piece of crap!!! This camera is pretty nice. And they always do their homework when 5790 choose a name for their product.

Okay, so the flash is a little too bright, and if you dont have good lighting in the house you can barely see what you’re taking a picture of. I also tryed to connect the camera with the crd in it, and it never recognised the camera, or the card. Go judge somebody else and take your teenage know-it-all attitude and shove it up your ass.

It may not be just a matter of reading directions here if the product doesn’t come with all that is needed for the device to operate.