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Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. This R version only allows me to select xx bit, Hz on the recording devices and will not allow 16 bit, Hz, so that I don’t have re-sample audio files before making audio CDs with them. You should nail down the cause of the crashes before blaming anything for them! Depending on the distribution, linux doesn’t even require you to do anything at all – just turn on the system and sound works. I’ve had 5 since November 27th, all reported by bluescreenview x64 as “caused by address ntoskrnl. Not the best

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He’s also having me run hardware stress tests Furmark, Prime95 etc. Okay, good news and bad news. Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: Otherwise he would have mentioned the wide range of X-Fi based cards. Creative ALchemy is a powerful tool that restores the EAX effects and full surround sound when running these DirectSound3D games in Windows Vista so that you can enjoy true 3D interactive gaming again.

Almost every time windows wants to reaaltek for something driver related, you really don’t need to. Not the best Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.


Voices are centered in front of you and ambient sounds are moved all around you. Slightly less CPU usage audiodg. It provides only Side speakers for 5.

Wed Dec 16, You could try disabling the face tracking you have for a while, but Realtej be looking more closely at video driver and video card. Info about the driver: If I wanted to use this for Ventrillo, or Skype, or something, I would not want it recording Hz for simple voice crap.

Onboard (Realtek/Azalia) audio drivers–stick with ones on mobo manfacturer’s site?

AntiSnipe Senior Member Posts: The Gigabyte board in my woman’s, is the same chip but intel based. Realtek has the best driver support. They just seem to come in waves.

All in all, this is a tool for all if you love listening to music. Download Realtek HD Audio 2. On an unrelated note, on Windows 8. Little Elm, TX Registered: Jul 20, Posts: The process running at the time of the crash was TrackIR5.

Went back to 2. Windows Vista x86 bit. All the tests on this toolkit prove that it is a worthy application to a point that you can easily access the help file just in case you have any challenges.


Realtek HD Audio audio driver download

It’s very rare that the motherboard manufacturer’s drivers are suitable for anything other than troubleshooting. Post your minidump file and I can take a cursory look azaliw it. The application supports various customization settings to have a personal touch when it comes to handling various functions.

If only Creative could provide as good driver support They thought my 5. R is still the best version on my rig. Did you try custom driver for asus? Seems like that only thing for which second restart is required is running a control panel hidden in tray set up to launch at system start.