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Turn any of your McIntosh around, what do you see? Sometimes these audio forums can get singularity syndrome. Hi Caustic I’m going to give you my take based on what I read you asking. I’m simply trying to suggest a little more care when making statements without you actually being a doer on the topic. Best to you and all the great staff!

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Thank you for taking the time and elaborating what is going on in your Neck of the woods.

HIFi Time Review Mcintosh C 50 Preamp – HIFi Time Review

Here’s a picture of it in my setup I had: In short, my lack of experience is balanced with my advanced education in fields I can directly apply to high end audio. Honestly at this point the world is yours for the making. I’m sure both Ron and Bierfeldt have answered with the best of intent and with good info, so I’m going to take a little different food for thought approach.

These can be had for those prices used if you look hard and have patience. Lastly, the C50 has a built-in dedicated headphone amplifier, which remains active for personal listening even when the main preamp outputs are muted.

This may come across brutal to some, but think about it. What was so weird to me was, over 80 people from here have joined TuneLand. mvintosh

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It seems most stereo preamplifiers are designed to work primarily with analog music sources, which of course the C50 will do in spades, but it also plans to enhance contemporary digital sources as well, including tuners, CD players, music servers, and USB storage devices. Something I knew I would break from, just needed to find the way out and still ncintosh tall.

Other audiophile clubs are busting at the seams jcintosh their involved in the doing of a hobby. From the info I have been given a couple of things happened.

There are a few other units that are modestly more expensive or similarly priced but they do not have internal DACs.


C50 is the first McIntosh preamplifier to combine stereo analog sources with four assignable digital inputs. I guess we are all sort of going different ways. TuneLand as you can see is growing and that visable growth represents maybe a 20th of our biz, probably less actually.

Certainly my recommendation is just that: For Your protection, we thoroughly investigate the validity of all credit card charges. IMO it will sound far better than any McIntosh products that you can buy for a comparable price. Although I haven’t heard those direct models, I have heard similar items in both Parasound and Musical Fidelity’s line thus the recco.

It was like the hobby de-educated itself and went back to component picking instead of system setups. I’m not here to jest. Thank you both for the input! Does anyone else find this extremely odd?

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This website appears to be a copy of the original and may not be safe to view.

It’s all right there in the pages and pics for everyone to see. Bookmark and share with any of the sites below.

October 8, – 7: Very interesting reading to a new guy And as far as opinions and recommendations, I’ve always thought the more the merrier! Agli ingressi per le sorgenti digitali si affianca una ottima sezione phono, separata in MM e MC, in modo da tenere in forte considerazione gli appassionati della riproduzione del vinile. Designers were careful to separate all the digital circuitry and power supplies from the analog circuitry digital is mounted below the steal chassis, and analog mounted above.

Used Mcintosh C50 Control amplifiers for Sale |

Unlike the C48, the C50’s remote can control music being played on any of your favorite Mac and PC audio programs. What gives with your noticeable change on these forums? File Photo for Representation of item. Do you not realize that when you start someone on the same chase you guys are on, your pretty much sending them to audio purgatory with little chance of parole?