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Try not to directly touch the new tube when inserting but use a dry cloth or something. Anyway, just wanted to share my last three nights with the Colorsound PB, and to say thanks for helping me to discover this pedal. It allowed the gain of the tube to be altered, simulating the effect of using higher or lower gain tubes. It runs off a standard 9v DC power jack, not an internal transformer, so noise issues associated with the internal transformer in the Tube Driver and Real Tube have been eliminated. He made a second version in with the LED’s moved below the text, jacks on the rear end, and the front markings changed to: Teh best combo would be a loud and fairly clean tube amp with single coils.

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The option is available for the hand picked Yugo if you ask for it, just not advertised. Strat into a Fender Twin Reverb.

Glad you enjoy our music! Worke components were soldered on the front, but a few caps and resistors were soldered on the back. Any thoughts on that as well?

I cannot overestimate its role and class. One way to compensate this is to use an EQ like the GE7 to boost the mids or simply a Tube Screamer instead of the Tube Driver, which has more mid range. Best investment so far. They are marked on top: The various versions of the yellow capped knobs used on the older Tube Drivers were cheaply made and broke easily, and the the yellow caps were prone to btuler off and becoming lost. The Chandler copies were marked with a Chandler script logo at the bottom, and removed Butler’s name.


It also says Tube Works at butleg bottom. The tube makes a difference too naturally giving the Tube Driver more character and the pedal responds well to your pickups and picking technique, the other pedals and the amp.

I have a couple of questions…. Hope this helps on some questions people have about Daves current TD setup. Its supposed to sound very nice and I was wondering if youve had a chance to check it out.

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It also sounds excellent with certain Fender amps, particularly the Fender Bassman, or it’s high powered step brother, the Marshall JTM Why not try all three and hear what sounds best? Right after compression, before the head input, seems to make sense.

If you want to experiment, there are different tubes that you can try. May 7, at 4: The Chandler is a tad darker, while the BK is the most dynamic and open sounding. Only caveat is that u really need a 12au7 in the TD. Yesterday my first butler tube driver arrived … and I have to say that I am really impressed! So recently I began my search for the Gilmour tone and I have got myself a BK TD with bias, I already had a boss cs-2, phase script 90, EHX Deluxe Mistress, ge-7, vox wah and digitec delay its never let me down so will decide later if I need to replace that one.


First of all, Thank you for this websitethanks for update it whenever you can and give us this valuable information to improve every day and getting a little closer to the legendary Sir David Gilmour tone.

They don’t exactly fit the older Tube Driver knobs or the smaller knobs used on the s Tube Drivers, but can be modified to fit. Rapid Electronocs sells more accurate fube and caps, but slightly larger than the TD knobs. Works really well on the Cub. The best on the web for Gilmour Sound Fan, sorry my english is very poor.

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: TUBE DRIVER Original by BK BUTLER: Musical Instruments

You can get some good Gilmour tones with it but has a bit brighter tone than the classic fuzz models. I know that this is an overdrive pedal, but EJ said something about getting his clean tone from bytler TD….

You use Tube Driver and also the Pig Hoof. I cant remember if its with the tube or the overall gain.

Check out the Peavey Classic 30 as well and the Laney Cub amps — great value tube amps.