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This seems to be a windows problem. I’ve tried using the netbios name in order to access a computer, but it’s not working for some reason. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Its auto-cutter feature helps make use of the printed labels more efficient. I had to have a computer savvy person set it up for me because the printer was not compatible with the newer updates on my computer.

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This has been a very troubling problem and I’d appreciate any sort of response to this laelwriter. My DYMO labelwriter does not show in “add printer” list.

What could be the reason? If you can, buy the It is a good one onc e the enitial set up is over and it works great.

Skip to main content. The labels themselves are easy to install and feed with no issue. Ugh, I tried again completely uninstalling everything and here’s the report I sent in to their tech support:. Once this product is set up it is super easy to use.

I then set up permissions on the network so that the remote computer can access the host computer, and it works fine–on the remote computer I can open up devices and printers tab, and the printer is listed under my printers tab under DYMO LabelWriter on Email The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.


Notify me when oabelwriter comments are posted. Most relevant reviews See all 41 reviews. Dymo Address Labels – 1. Bought this because I was considering a new Dymobecause I broke the little lever off used to lift the roller up when you install a new roll of labels still works though. The only negative I can say about the Fymo is the software isn’t very good. Upon printing, I noticed that the printer is by no means ‘slow’.

Very handy tool This label printer works great and is very handy and useful.

Adding DYMO LabelWriter as network printer on DYMO Label | JOCHEN HEBBRECHT

The machine works very well and I love it. Its auto-cutter feature helps make use of the printed labels more efficient. I looked at office supply retailers and none of them had the in stock anymore. You can enable syntax highlighting of source code with the following tags: However, I do like the printer and once the printer is set up its an easy day.

I am labelwrtier on a Windows 7 64Bit OS.


In the past I could get this to work by installing a LocalPort that pointed to the printer share, but it seems in Win10 this no longer works. I have the version 8. Using windows 10 – go to control panel hold windows key and press X, then select control panel – double-click “devices and printers” Here, I could see that the Dymo printer had fallen into the “unspecified device” category and the simple solution was to manually update the driver I know I have remote access to the printer, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to print at all if I didn’t.


I can’t have this happen all the time, as the staff can’t keep using this work around. I purchased this label printer because it was a cheaper alternative to the newer and more expensive series and it seemed like it would do everything I needed it to. The labels I purchased to go with it don’t print very 4000, but I may just need a better brand of labels.

The Dymo software is available and is a snap to install, allowing instant use of the label printer. After clicking OK, the program immediately vymo down, so I was not able to configure a network printer.