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Ever wondered why Micromax releases so many models into indian market and is done with them for good once their stocks gets over. You will be surprised to find that the price difference for similar handsets for the Korean and Chinese manufacturers is almost negligible. Just one question i’ve: Micromax has service centres in almost all the cities in India. Let me check the camera quality.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Be the first one to ask a question? Hi Gogi, Didn’t go for A90 and after reading ur comments felt it is really overpriced at 13K and so just now ordered my A on ncarry. As big brands are shifting towards quad core processors, the prices for the dual core processors are surely to come down.

I had ordered from Flipkart and infibeam and both delivered much before the delivery date.

Micromax A90 – Full phone specifications

The phone has a 4. Report spam 11 0.

No updates today was expecting the A90 delivery today. So lets wait for the price.

Micromax A90

Other brands like sony support to upgrade os, and detail is given on their sites. Micromax A90 is a Dual sim phone for the premium customer. So even the A90 has two SIM card slots behind the back cover. The homescreen had three capacitive touch keys-back, home and multitasking. Uday, the problem is one — it is single core some may have no issue with ithowever we do not know about internal storage, now that will be the risk you will be taking.


The amoled display is awesome. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The front is all clear with a 4. Ah so you are from pune, I am in Navi Mumbai. Micromax a90 is having’ 4gb internal memory and a single powercore armv7 processor, not a dual core processor and a90 is havin’ 1. Probably these companies are still not comfortable with handsets priced over Rs.

Since there is no dedicated key for the camera, we could use the locked screen micromxx unlocking the phone and launching the camera.

Should I cancelled order or refuse to accept delevery.

Cashback will not be credited for purchases in Amazon. A90 seems mcromax expensive buy. Really looking forward to a I think i might buy it with such mouth-watering specs!!

Only tech enthusiasts like You would be the buyers. Report spam 13 1. The touch input was so responsive that we could easily type long mails, without the micromaxx effort needed while using capacitive displays. Here is a comparison between xiaomi mi-1 and micromax a90 which are in the same price bracket:. Motorola One Power P30 Note. My suggestion is to provide the upgrade provision in hardware and software to be promoted if possible.


Micromax A90 Superfone Pixel price, specifications, features, comparison

I purchased it in September Micromax being such a big company, I don’t think they cant tie up with a local manufacturer in china and manufacture original handsets according to their specifications at decent prices.

The phone is actually explay infinity, but its similar to a90 I would say ‘Exactly Same’, correct me if I am wrong! nicromax

This is called dumping of cheap goods into an economy. My advice to mmx is to have tie up with these companies and sell these phones at a bit miicromax premium in India and increase their sales and mmx sales.