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There is a ‘movie’ preset in the DV mode menu which seems to have the odd result of making text very sharp, too much so in fact. Press Release by btarunr Friday, July 17th The results from the tests are below: Be the first to review this item. The integrated speakers also give a slight edge here compared with the others. As usual I tested the screen in clone mode with a CRT to determine the level of input lag.

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Thankfully, the screen is matte and there is no piano black gloss anywhere in sight. The above also gives a comparison of the calibrated black depth of the same screens. The picture quality is excellent, but the built-in speakers are horrible and unusable. They sound like mobile sa231wmi speakers. Color Control System The monitor has a Color Control System allows you to change between six color settings on your display to match your personal preference.

Priced at a similar level as conventional 19″ or wide 22″ models it offers more display area to work with several applications at the same time. Rated 4 out of 5 by Web Developer Brent from Awesome for a Web Designer on a budget I’m a front-end web developer and I needed a second monitor to hook up to my laptop to give me more workspace.

The minijack headphone socket nef welcome, though. However, this seems to ‘overshoot’ a tiny bit leaving your screen tilting ever so slight upwards to the right. We have been sent the black version for testing. Fancy a 23in widescreen TFT with a resolution higher than 1, x 1,? This is usually too dim to be useful, but the third option, which is a combination of both modes, is rather better.


I haven’t used it ea21wmi a movie-display, but really care only about the monitor as a computer display. The screen has a variety ew231wmi user-friendly adjustment features, including No Touch Auto Adjust, OSD menus, and height, tilt and swivel adjustment. Select where this product will primarily be used to see available warranties: I stumbled upon the NEC at a review site, and figured the difference in price was worth the vertically lost px. At average dE of 2.

In the moving car test, you can see an obvious blur to the image even with the naked eye. Alongside its high-quality panel technology and award-winning design, the MultiSync EAWMi also provides all the technical benefits of the EA series. There’s also a headphone jack if you need it.

Pros Cons Very keenly priced compared with competing 24″ models Some quality control issues with panel uniformity and backlight leakage Excellent colour accuracy, black depth and contrast Limited interface options, and no HDMI Low input lag and decent enough responsiveness Responsiveness not quite in keeping with other modern screens.

Neither the Dell or HP offered particularly good colour accuracy at default settings or with preset modes, and need some decent calibration really to get the most out of them. Plus, rather than opting for side-mounted buttons, NEC has sensibly mounted the controls where you can see them.

NEC EAWMi Review – TFTCentral

The adjustment to cover this whole range takes around 30 seconds as it’s a gradual change rather thahn any stuttering steps or very fast changes which ea231wm look too distracting in real use.


The monitors brightness setting gave you a very good control over the luminance of the screen through the control of the backlight intensity. Nsc a reminder, the lower these bars down the Y-axis, the better, in terms of colour accuracy.

This can cause further problems due to the extended gamut where oversaturation of reds and greens can be common. Blacks also remain very consistent from even wide angles, and the screen is free from any obvious purple tint which you can sometimes see from S-IPS nnec when viewed from this position. Black bezel, stand and base.

NEC EA231WMI LCD Monitor

Has anyone experienced the same problem? The cables for all 3 of the provided connections are packaged with the screen. About the only down side are the tinny speakers. The size is just about perfect for where the computer is located, the additional screen real estate is greatly appreciated, and the easily adjustable stand is convenient for the multiple users this computer gets.

This makes the EAWMi the perfect office monitor from an ecological, economic and ergonomic point of view. This is obviously only a sample of 1 unit, and so results are likely to vary depending on stock, build quality, shipping etc.

Beneath this are the results of the screens gamma which is recorded at 2. fa231wmi