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I ended up setting up a web server and installing a PHP instance on the Sage server. You have to have solid knowledge of: Where an how the data is stored. As far as issue 1 goes, I’m usually against wide open access, but I beat myself up so badly trying to get this Timberline job to start properly that I was ready to try anything. These are my learnings: Add “dictionarymode”, 0 ; builder.

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PHP lets you connect through a simple connection string like: I don’t plan to leave the user as ‘sa’, but that’s the starting point.

There are 2 versions of these long names. Here is an example: These are my learnings:. Applications that can utilize ODBC Data Sources will allow you to identify the source of data using the name that you assign. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail.

How do I set up an ODBC User DSN for Accounting and Management data?

GoldBishop 1, 3 33 I can run that job with no problems if I kick it off manually, but as soon as I attempt to automate the DTS job through the scheduler I run into this error. You can contact me for assistance or a referral in your local area. With this kind of error, you may need to ensure that only one windows profile has or been registered with the DSN name. No need to install a Sage Client MB on your web server.


Click Options to display the Data Source Options. Make sure that IIS is running as a user that has access to the Timberline directory the path you have set for the dbq parameter in your timberpine string.

Add “pwd”, password ; return builder. I receive the same error.

How do I set up an ODBC User DSN for Accounting and Management data?

It feels like a permission error, but the source of the error hasn’t made itself apparent yet. I hope that I can spare others that grief.

Where an how the data is stored. That opened to pipeline and allowed the job to run. This will bring obc the Run box.

Have you tried loading the Timberline Driver onto the webserver or into the application in question for consumption? Does Timberline work on the user’s machine?

How to setup a Sage 300 CRE ODBC Data Source

Of course make sure to double timberlne the backslashes. Aloha and Mahalo abaerst RE: NET to connect to Timberline. However, when I wrapped up a setup kit to the user. Problem i am having is dissoicating the DSN part from the connection string and getting it to work properly.


Timberline ODBC Resources

But read on, as you probably don’t want to do this anyway. Your data source is now ready for use under your Windows user account on the computer where these steps were performed. I could not make PHP work with the string.

However, I can honestly say it took me several years to master the concepts. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. ODBC Timberline data files. Gray 5, 2 21 Timberline Data Source connection I solved the issue sort of.